Thursday, November 18, 2010

Color Me Badd, er Badly

Yeah, I busted out the CMB reference.  Deal with it.

Paint was applied.  There was much rejoicing.  There shall be more painting forthwith tomorrow.  More pix ditto..

The green is a sagy color and the blue will dry somewhat darker.

Door will need a primer and then get the full blue treatment.


Mike said...

Lookin' Good, Hollywood! Congrats on the painting.

Charlie said...

Danke, Garden Daddy-o.

It's a nice little cottage, e'n I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

love da pastels... when do you move in ... the maiden sleep-over? by the way, my "hidden word" was "mingly"!

Love ya,
Blue Jay

Lil Ole Lady said...

Guess what, Gleaner?! I now KNOW who "Blue Jay" is / was. But, I AIN'T TELLIN' ! Ha!