Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Was the Most I've Worked; It Was the Least I've Worked

With apologies to Dickens, here's what I mean by the title.

I'm worn out!  Pooped!  Dawg tired!  With fatigue--as one is with child.  I've been put through the wringer.  I've been run ragged.  Run down, exhausted, and, if you don't get it by now, I'm tired.

(Cue Lili Von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles)

And "Why are you tired?" one might ask.  

Simple answer:  I dunno.  

All I did today was bring in another couple of solar panels, set up the water tank temporarily on an old pallet, and pretty much finish the interior paneling job (including the furring strips).

The water tank will sit on the northern side at the west corner of the house.  It'll be fed from the gutter that will hang on the west slope of the roof.

Also, I chose some paint colors today.  More on that later.  

**Yawn**  I'm going to bed.

Here are the promised pix.  Notice that last picture; it's evidence that even a gleaner has construction 'trash' that can be repurposed.  I will offer my scraps for free on Craigslist and hope someone can use them.


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Mike said...

I am pleased with all the hard work and progress I see you are making on your idea(s)come to life. I have learned over the past 10-years or so that when one makes the decision to build, be it life, buildings, gardens, whatever, that the shear fact of the "project" does not matter but the fact one/you see it to the end.

I have this saying I use very often in life..."NO REGRETS, NO REMORSE, NO RETREAT! It works in whatever you are "building" in this life.