Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Power Up!

Today saw the installation, at least on a temporary basis, of electricity at Charlie's Chottage (or Carlie's Cottage?).  I got a slightly damaged solar panel set (15 watts x 3 panels), a power box, and two 12v, 5w fluorescent light bulbs.

Also, I began the installation of the paneling (donated from Ralph, the next door neighbor) in the, uh, whatever I'll call it ultimately.

Also, I happened upon a 250 gallon food-grade plastic container with a top intake and a large spigot.  It held candy syrup, so I have to rinse it before I can hook it up to the back gutter and began the rain collection.

Here are the photos; I'll post one of the container when I get it cleaned.

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Bear said...

Keep on keeping on. You're almost there.